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Blackledge Law Firm has been providing a variety of legal services to Gulfport residents for 10 years and counting. Attorney Blackledge has practiced in many areas of law for over 21 years. With flexible appointment times and personalized services, we're confident we're the right law firm for you.

Our bankruptcy and real estate attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi will find a practical solution for your legal issue. Whether you're dealing with an HOA dispute or a mountain of debt, trust us to steer you down the right path.

Do you need help planning your estate? We can help you with that, too. Attorney Blackledge will learn about your situation and draft your will accordingly.

Feeling overwhelmed by your legal problems? We can help. Call 228-669-6254 now to schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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Discuss your options with a skilled bankruptcy attorney in Gulfport, MS.

real estate attorney Gulfport, MS

Real Estate

Trust us to help you resolve a property boundary or landlord-tenant dispute.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney, Gulfport MS

Estate Planning & Probate

Create a will so you can give your prized possessions to deserving heirs.

5 reasons to consult Blackledge Law Firm

Rely on Blackledge Law Firm to help you achieve a favorable outcome for your legal issue. Reach out to our bankruptcy and real estate attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi if:

  1. You're completing a real estate transaction
  2. You have more debt than disposable income
  3. You want to repay your debts but aren't sure if you can
  4. You need to probate your loved one's will
  5. You're not sure which trust you should set up

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